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soft nitril handschoenen soft blauw
soft nitril handschoenen soft blauw

Soft Nitril Gloves Soft Blue

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Soft Nitrile gloves in the color blue. Supplied in a box of 100 pieces. Choose the size:

Gloves Soft Nitril Soft Blue

The soft nitrile gloves are the ideal replacement for latex gloves.
With these gloves you have comfort and freedom of movement without having to worry about allergies. The soft nitrile gloves are designed with a special soft nitrile formula and are thin, yet resistant to cracks and wear.

When wearing, the gloves do not distort it, but stay in their natural fit.

The Soft Nitril Premium Gloves are LAtex and powder-free, odorless, soft, have a strong rolling edge and an optimal crack resistance. The fingertips have micro-touch ran fingertips for a refined grip.

The gloves are available in multiple sizes and colors. When ordering you will receive a box with 100 gloves in one size.

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