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PMU Optima cartridges by Kwadron

The PMU Optima cartridges have been specially developed for permanent make-up and micropigmentation specialists. The high quality PMU needles are produced by the well-known brand Kwadron. The Kwadron PMU Optima cartridges have a unique built-in stabilization system for the ultra sharp needles, which ensures durability and the rigidity of the cartridge. The housing of the needle modules are made of medical plastic, which reduces the friction between the needle and the housing and ensures high quality during a treatment.

Within the range you will find Round Liners, Round Shaders, Magnums, Flat and Sloped cartridges, choose from the different configurations.

Download the brochure of Kwadron PMU Optima with more explanation about the different configurations here.

PMU Optima

1P Round Liner PLUS


1P Round Liner cartridges


3P Round Liner cartridges


5P Round Liner cartridges


7P Round Liner cartridges


3P Round Shader cartridges


5P Round Shader cartridges


7P Round Shader cartridges


5P Magnum cartridges


9P Magnum cartridges


4P Flat 0.35 cartridges

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