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1 point classic liner 0,40 mm ingot naaldmodules
1 point classic liner 0,40 mm ingot naaldmodules
1 point classic liner 0,40 mm ingot naaldmodules
1 point classic liner 0,40 mm ingot naaldmodules
1 point classic liner 0,40 mm ingot naaldmodules
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1 point Classic Liner 0.40mm Ingot Needle Cartridges

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The BIOTEK 01 Point Classic Round Liner cartridges have a diameter of 0.40 mm. The Round Liner is not an aggressive needle. Makes a fairly thick line. Ideal for working on delicate areas, such as the lip contours or soft shades.

BIOTEK cartridges are designed exclusively for BIOTEK's Ingot PMU machine. This machine is also available through this webshop.

The BIOTEK 01 point Classic cartridges have a short taper and a diameter of 0.40 mm. This Round Liner is not an aggressive needle, which makes a fairly thick line. Ideal for working on delicate areas such as the lip contour or soft tones.

Package contains 10 sterile cartridges.


  • The Ingot BIOTEK PMU cartridges are equipped with a double membrane to prevent any possible color reflux and contamination.
  • Reduced vibrations thanks to the new return diaphragm that pushes the needle back and forth.
  • All BIOTEK cartridges are 100% designed and produced in Italy.
  • Due to the high quality and sharpness of a BIOTEK needle, there will be minimal trauma to the skin.

BIOTEK Tek Technology

The machine is equipped with an exclusive, patented technology that allows the needle to communicate closely with the machine. This creates extreme stability and fluidity. The needle cartridges have a "return diaphragm" that pushes the needle in and out. This ensures minimal vibration and little trauma to the skin. And aif the cartridge is not properly seated, your INGOT will not activate. The new BIOTEK technology not only helps to work more precisely, but also makes work safer. If the needle module is not properly seated, the INGOT will not activate. 100% safety for professionals and customers.

No vibrating needles! With the Ingot PMU machine you no longer have vibrations on the tip of the needle. The machine is precise and stable so that every treatment is applied perfectly on the delicate face or other areas.

The Ingot machine

The Ingot permanent make-up machine from BIOTEK is a small, practical and light PMU machine. The PMU device has an ergonomic handle that feels good when working for a long time. The machine is small, slim and golden.

BIOTEK's Ingot PMU machine and cartridges are fully produced in ITALY with CE marking.

More about BIOTEK

BIOTEK is now, 35 years after its foundation, present in 43 countries with 50 academies and more than 300,000 active customers. BIOTEK laboratories are always looking for perfection; they innovate and develop excellent products to help pmu specialists to create beautiful work.

Thanks to high-quality devices and excellent pigments with high stability, the reputation of the company has grown year after year and they are among the largest permanent make-up brands in Europe.

BIOTEK products (pigments, machines and needles) are all 100% made in Italy, with a constant eye for detail.

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