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1 point liner hd ~ maestro naaldmodules

1 Point Liner HD ~ Maestro cartridges

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The BIOTEK 1 point HD Liner cartridges have a diameter of 0.25 mm. The Round Liner has a long and sharp taper. Is ideal for setting very thin lines and pixel effect.

The Maestro cartridges by Biotek are exclusively designed for theMaestro PMU Machine BIOTEK.

The Maestro BIOTEK 01 Point HD cartridges have a long and sharp taper and a diameter of 0.25 mm. This PMU needle is ideal for very thin lines and a pixel effect on perfect skin.

The package contains 5 sterile Maestro cartridges.

More about BIOTEK

BIOTEK is now, 35 years after establishment, present in 43 countries with 50 academies and more than 300,000 active customers. The laboratories of BIOTEK are always looking for perfection; They innovate and develop excellent products to help PMU specialists to create beautiful work.

Thanks to high-quality devices and excellent pigments with high stability, the reputation of the company has grown year after year and are among the largest permanent makeup brands in Europe. 

The BIOTEK Products (pigments, machines and needles) are all 100% made in Italy, with a constant eye for details.

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