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Biotek Web Academy

At the Biotek Web Academy you can easily follow a PMU training where and whenever you want. What do you want to learn more about? Color theory, specific treatments or technical information? Do you want to further develop your permanent makeup and micro pigmentation techniques? Then take a look!

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Biotek Online PMU training. What do you want to learn more about?

The range of online training at the Biotek Web Academy is diverse. Follow a training from the convenience of your own salon or from home, at the moment when it suits you. You can choose from many topics such as color leather, lip neutralization, all kinds of eyebrow and eyeliner techniques, correcting stretch marks, organic or inorganic and many more interesting topics and techniques. You pay per training and you get 30 days to view the purchased training. The training sessions are available in English, Italian and some also in Spanish.

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Discount code: Amavi10

Below you can see a small selection from the range of online training sessions Biotek. Do you want to know which trains are there? Go to the website of Biotek and use the Amavi Discount code Amavi10 And receive a 10% discount.

Watch professional videos of permanent makeup & microblading experts

Industry professionals, just to be seen at your home. Learn from experts in a practical and comfortable way!

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