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Patch Test

Henna, eyebrow and eyelash dye products contain ingredients that can cause skin irritation or allergic reactions in certain people.

Henna Powder contains PPD, an aromatic amine used in all types of eyebrow and hair dyes, which can cause an allergic reaction. Advice: Always test with "black or dark brown". This contains the highest percentage of PPD.

Always do a patch test before using henna, eyebrow or eyelash dye products for your customers. Allergy patch testing is important, even though henna is a natural product. Do the patch test on the wrist or behind the ears 24 hours  to 48 hours before performing the treatment. 

Perform a Patch Test

Wash your hands and then put on gloves.

Clean and rinse a small piece of the customer's skin with soap and water, for example behind the ear or on the inside of the forearm.

Mix the products according to the preparation instructions. Apply the mixture to a small area behind the client's ear or on the inside of the forearm and let it cure for 2 minutes.

Remove the mixture with a cotton ball moistened with water. Advise your customer to come back in 24 to 48 hours. If no irritation or inflammation of the skin is visible, it is usually assumed that there is no hypersensitivity to the product and that the treatment can be carried out.

Allergic reaction

If a reaction occurs during the patch test, such as severe stinging, irritation, rash or a burning sensation on the skin, rinse the skin immediately and stop using the product.

If the client experiences a (slight) irritation of the airways, he or she should immediately seek medical attention and consult a doctor.

In the days following the patch test, if itching, redness or spots appear on the skin, or swelling of the eyes, face or skin, it is recommended that the customer consult a doctor and not undergo the treatment.

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