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henna brush zwart
henna brush zwart #1. breed/recht
henna brush zwart #2. breed/schuin
henna brush zwart #3. smal/schuin
henna brush zwart #4. smal/recht
henna brush zwart

Henna Brush Black

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The BrowTycoon® Brush is a perfect brush that is suitable for applying hennna. The henna brush can also be used for applying make-up.

The BrowTycoon® Brushes are perfect brushes for applying Hennna.

The henna brush is available in different sizes, there are two narrow small brushes. A straight and an oblique brush. There are also two wide brushes, also a straight and a sloping brush.

The advantage of these brushes is that you can put extra clean lines. The brushes are very sharp and thin.

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