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Blonde 2 Brunette Set
Blonde 2 Brunette Set
Blonde 2 Brunette Set
Blonde 2 Brunette Set
Blonde 2 Brunette Set
Blonde 2 Brunette Set
Blonde 2 Brunette Set

Blonde 2 Brunette Set

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The pigment Brown Suede is an eyebrow pigment from Perma Blend Luxe. The pmu pigment Brown Suede is a dark brown pigment with a medium opacity. Brown Suede is an organic pigment for fitzpatrick 4, 5, 6. View the CI numbers below. Perma Blend LUXURY pigment Brown Suede for eyebrows. Compliant with REACH 2022

The Blonde 2 brunette PMU eyebrow pigment set is designed by top specialist Lulu Siciliano. The pigments have been developed according to a hybrid formula, a composition of inorganic and organic for a beautifully cured result.

Some characteristics of these pigments:

  • Soft and natural effect on healing
  • Use only 4 colors to cover all color types
  • Suitable for all fitzpatrick skin types 1 to 6.
  • Easy to put into the skin because of the small molecules of organic and inorganic pigments.
  • Use all 4 pigments separately or mix them together as desired
  • Ideal pigments for beginners
  • Suitable for use for both hairstrokes and shading
  • Suitable for microblading, machine hairstrokes and ombre powder brows

For professional use. Do not mix the pigments with water.

The Blonde 2 Brunette set has been developed and tested by Lulu itself and can be used as a pre-mixed set for immediate use. The color palette is suitable for all Fitzpatrick skin types from 1-6.

The pigments:

Deep Brown
Rich dark brown with a neutral undertone.

Bronzed Brown
Dark brown with a warm undertone.

Dark Blonde
Neutral brown with a yellow base and medium intensity. He is deeper than Gold Blonde.

Gold Blonde
Medium-intense brown with a golden undertone, heals warm.

The pmu eyebrow pigments have been developed for blondes, brunettes and redheads.

Evenflo Colors has created a balance of organic and inorganic pigments so that the colors eventually fade to neutral tones. The pigments are in accordance with REACH regulations 2022.

The pigments have a high pigment load and can be used immediately without pre-mixing.

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