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Microbeau Bellar Air draadloos wireless pmu machine
Microbeau Bellar Air draadloos wireless pmu machine
Bella Air Blue
Microbeau Bellar Air draadloos wireless pmu machine
Microbeau Bellar Air draadloos wireless pmu machine
Microbeau Bellar Air draadloos wireless pmu machine
Microbeau Bellar Air draadloos wireless pmu machine
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Bella Air Blue

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De Bellar Air is een innovatie, draadloze pmu machine. De machine is licht en produceert minimaal geluid. De PMU machine van Microbeau heeft de klassieke grip van de Bellar en is met luxe afgewerkt. De machine is verkrijgbaar met een 2.1 mm slag of een 3.0 mm slaglengte. De batterijduur is 4 - 5 uur. Lees hieronder alle kenmerken van de permanente make-up machine.

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Download the Bellar Air manual here.

The Bellar Air is a wireless PMU machine. The machine is light and produces minimal sound. The PMU machine from Microbeau has the classic grip of the Bellar and is finished with luxurious. No hassle with cables but complete freedom. The battery life is 4 - 5 hours.

Bellar Air OLED Display

The permanent makeup machine has an OLED digital screen with which you can manage speed, timing, voltage (or herz) and e-Give.The digital display gives you the option to set the e-Give. With the 'controlled e-give' you have 3 positions to set the recoil of the needle from soft, medium to hard. Adjust your machine to the type of treatment that will give. Use the lowest position for perfect powder technology. The medium position can be used for a variety of treatments. The hard position ensures maximum pigment implantation during treatments.

DC Power Adapter

Is the battery unexpectedly empty? No worries, the machine comes with a DC Power adapter and cable. Turn the digital battery off the machine and put the DC Power adapter on it. You can then connect the machine in the "old -fashioned" way with the DC cable and a power supply.


Battle length & color
The machine is available in two types; With the percussion length 2.1 mm or 3.0 mm so that you can work as a specialist in different types of skin types. The machine is available in multiple colors. View all Bellar Air PMU machines here.

This machine has Voltage from 4 to 10V. The unique 4V option makes the machine suitable for using all permanent make-up treatments for creating hairstrokes with machine. Reduce trauma on the skin with more control over the voltage with a maximum pigment saturation and color retention for optimum healed results.
Needle Sensing
With the built -in needle sensitivity function, the machine recognizes and responds to the needle module for a stable result and less skin trauma.
The machine is supplied in a luxury hardcover case with a DC charger.Via Bluetooth you can connect the Bellar Air Machine to the Darklab app for more options and updates.





4 V (66Hz) to 10V (166Hz


2.1 mm or 3.0 mm


109.6 Gram / 3.86 Oz

Battery life ±

4 to 5 hours




DC cable (included)

Needle modules:

To be used with universal / standard


Microbeau / FK Irons USA


1 year factory warranty. See the general terms and conditions.

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