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true copper
true copper
true copper
true copper
true copper
true copper
true copper
true copper

True Copper

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Het pigment True Copper is een correctie pigment (modifier) van Perma Blend. Een warme wenkbrauw modifier. Perfect om elke wenkbrauwkleur op te warmen zonder de hoofdkleur te verlichten. Het pigment zit in een 15 ml flesje en wordt gebruikt bij permanente make-up behandelingen om kleuren te corrigeren. Conform REACH 2022

The pigment True Copper is a correction pigment (modifier) ​​of Perma Blend. The pigment comes in a 15 ml bottle and is used in permanent make-up treatments to correct colors.

True Copper by Perma Blend is a medium corrector with medium opacity. Good for warming up any tan.

  • Organic pigment
  • CI #: Yellow 180 : 21290 / TI 02 : 77891 / Red 170 : 12475 / Carbon Black : 77266

Was from the old pigments Perma Blend Blazing Copper is one of your favourites, choose Perma Blend Luxe True Copper.

The PMU pigments from Perma Blend Luxe are of quality, vegan and specially developed for Europe. The LUXURY pigment line from Perma Blend has been specially developed to fully comply with the REACH guidelines 2022. The LUXE pigment line is not yet complete and will be continuously supplemented with new pigments.

Perma Blend Luxe compared to the Classic pigments
The colors of the LUXE line are different from the classic pigments due to the use of other pigments and formulations. However, the same production processes and test controls are followed for all Perma Blend pigments to ensure quality and deliver a good product as we are used to from Perma Blend.

View this and the rest of the wide range of Perma Blend permanent make-up pigments in the Amavi PMU range. The range Perma Blend pigments consists of pigments for eyebrows, lips, eyeliner and correction pigments.

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