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skin jelly 100 ml

Skin Jelly 100 ml

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Skin Jelly is een transparante pasta, verzachtend en beschermend. Skin Jelly is een gladde pasta, verzachtend en beschermend. De skin jelly helpt de huid kalmeren. Het hoge vocht inbrengende vermogen vermindert de vorming van korstjes tijdens de genezingsfase. Blik 100 ml

The BIOTEK Aftercare products have been specifically developed for the aftercare of the skin with microspectmentation and PMU procedures.

Skin Jelly is a transparent pasta, soothing and protective. Skin Jelly Is a smooth pasta, soothing and protective. The skin jelly Helps calm down the skin.

The high moisture -inserting capacity reduces the formation of crusts during the healing phase.

Can 100ml

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