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Alcohol Podior 80% Spray ~ 500ml
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Alcohol Podior 80% Spray ~ 500ml

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With the disinfectant Ethades you can disinfect surfaces such as your worktop and hands. The bottle has a handy spray and a capacity of 1 liter and contains Ethanol. Ethades is made of the purest Ethanol (70%) and dries without streaks.

Alocohol Podior is a cleaning fluid suitable for disinfection of surfaces and instruments. The Alcohol Podior 80% is advised to use for disinfection and to disinfect work material and tools. Do not use this remedy on open skin or skin that has yet to be treated. It can be used to disinfect non-traumatized (closed) skin such as hands.

The ready-to-use liquid is based on denatured ethyl alcohol.

Alcohol Podior is a Biocide. Use biocides safely.

Content: 500ml with handy spray pump.

Has authorization number N-14331 / Belgium B-6615.

Surface cleaning:

First clean the surface to be treated with clean water and soap/cleaning agent. Apply the cleaning agent to the surface with a cloth or wad of cleaning paper and allow to act for +/- 5 minutes. When disinfecting, use so much liquid that the surface remains wet during the entire exposure time.

After this, use a duster to dry the surface. Processing time: +/- 5 minutes.

Skin disinfection:

The product is only intended for disinfection of non-traumatized skin, the skin must remain intact during treatment, such as the hands. After the disinfectant Podior 80% has been used on the skin, the skin should not be traumatized. Podior 80% is therefore not suitable to use for disinfecting the skin during micropigmentation or PMU treatment. Use (green) soap to disinfect the skin to be treated.

Do you want to disinfect your hands? First clean the skin to be disinfected with soap and dry well. Apply the Podior 80% to the hands and keep moist during the entire exposure time (at least 30 seconds). Then let the skin dry.

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