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Alcohol Podior 80% Spray ~ 500ml

Alcohol Podior 80% Spray ~ 500ml

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Alocohol Podior is een reinigingsvloeistof geschikt voor desinfectie van oppervlakken en instrumenten. De Alcohol Podior 80% wordt geadviseerd om te gebruiken voor het ontsmetten en om werkmateriaal en gereedschappen te desinfecteren. Gebruik dit middel niet op een open huid of de, nog te behandelen huid. De gebruiksklare vloeistof is op basis van gedenatureerde ethylacohol. Alcohol Podior is een Biocide. Gebruik biociden veilig. Inhoud: 500ml met handige spraypomp. Beschikt over toelatingsnummer N-14331 / België B-6615.

Aloccohol podior is a cleaning liquid suitable for disinfection of surfaces and instruments. The Alcohol Podior 80% It is advised to use for disinfecting and to disinfect work material and tools. Use this medicine not On an open skin or the skin to be treated. It can be used to disinfect non-trained (closed) skin such as the hands.

The ready -to -use liquid is based on memorated ethyla alcohol. 

Alcohol Podior is a biocide. Use biocides safely. 

Content: 500ml with handy spray pump.

Has admission number N-14331 / Belgium B-6615.

Surface cleaning:

First clean the surface to be treated with clean water and soap/cleaning agent. Apply the cleaning agent with a cloth or plug cleaning paper on surface and let it in for +/- 5 minutes. When disinfecting, use so much liquid that the surface stays wet during the entire training time.

After this a duster towel turn the surface dry. Training time: +/- 5 minutes.


Skin infection:

The agent is only intended for disinfection of non-trained skin, the skin must remain intact with treatment, such as the hands. After the disinfectant podior 80% is used on the skin, the skin should not be traumatized. Podior 80% is therefore unsuitable To use for disinfecting the skin with a microspectmentation or PMU treatment. Use to disinfect the skin (green) soap to be treated.

Podior 80% can be used for disinfecting hands, but we recommend using a hand disinfection for this. With excessive use of alcohol podior as a hand disinfection, your hands lose the natural fat layer and the hands can get dry and irritated. Products such as Sterilium Hand disinfection contain recoples, making them suitable for the hands because they apply a temporary fat layer to the skin until the skin has restored the natural fat layer.


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