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7p round shader naaldmodules
7p round shader naaldmodules
7p round shader naaldmodules
7p round shader naaldmodules
7p round shader naaldmodules
7p round shader naaldmodules

7p Round Shader cartridges

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Vertix Nano 7 point Round Shader cartridges. The PMU needles have a taper of 1.25 mm and a diameter of 0.25 mm.

The Vertix Nano cartridges are specially developed for permanent make-up treatments. The Vertix Nano cartridges Have a thin needle and a transparent tip to keep a view of the pigment. You can remove the tip so that you can make small needle adjustments when desired. The cartridges Have an optimal pigment flow and good saturation, which means that you have to dip less in the pigment.

The openings on the sides of the tip create a vacuum decompringing effect, so that the chance of splashing is lower and will also guarantee a perfect rinse of the needles. The latter helps to combat pigments in switching between color tones.


Multiple taper options are possible at the Vertix Nano PMU cartridges. The taper size is indicated at the configuration in the selection menu. 

Vertix Nano PMU cartridges

The Vertix Nano cartridges are available in various configurations. Are you looking for Round Liners, Round Shaders, Magnum Curved of Round Liners Super Tight for PMU? Within the collection of Vertix Nano In our webshop you will find these configurations with multiple choices in needle numbers with a diameter of 0.20 mm / 0.25 mm or 0.33 mm.

TheVertix Nano cartridges are supplied in boxes of 20 pieces and are packed each in a sterile blister package.

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