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Change can also be
fun! A butterfly was
also once a caterpillar.

"With my blogs I would like other (starting)
Helping PMU specialists on their way in this transition "

Nohemy Thielman

Du Soleil Beauty
Nieuwe Vlaardingerstraat 39b // Schiedam
Besides being a passionate PMU specialist, I am a nurse, trainer and consultant.

I find the combination of beauty and nursing very fun and challenging. I like a dynamic process. That's why I feel very much at home in the PMU industry. The PMU world is rapidly transforming. The rules surrounding the placement of PMU have become much stricter as of January 1 of this year, and I can imagine that the transition can be quite difficult for some PMU specialists. I want to contribute to this with my knowledge and skills.

Before starting my career in the PMU I have done a lot in social health care. I started as a youth nurse and ended up as coordinator of team training at the GGD. In this position I have had the pleasure of training more than 1000 people in the field of hygiene, among other things. In my career, I have also performed audits within healthcare organizations, translated national guidelines into a policy and implemented this within healthcare teams, and also reviewed and/or developed work instructions.

With my blogs I would like to help other (starting) PMU specialists in this transition. As a consultant, I can support (starting) PMU specialists in, for example, translating the new standard into their own policy, performing a pilot audit and/or helping to develop or adapt existing work instructions. I also want to support PMU trainers in designing or specifying the hygiene component within their PMU training. Where possible I want to contribute, because the most important part of the process of installing PMU should not be skipped or forgotten, namely hygiene and safety.


1.8 & 2.5 strokes ~ rca


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By Nohemy Thielman

on October 05, 2022

By Nohemy Thielman

on July 14, 2022

by Nohemy Delsol

on May 12, 2022

Guest blogger Nohemy Delsol of Du Soleil Beauty

on April 11, 2022


As a PMU specialist or trainer you can also go to Nohemy with questions about the new permit requirements and also with general questions about PMU treatments, corrections and Removal.

On request, a 1-day basic transition training in which the new permit requirements for installing PMUs are globally explained and discussed. This training includes a checklist. This checklist is also available separately on request.

Powder Brows, Lip Pigmentation, PMU Color Correction and Removal.
Brow Shaping, Henna Brows, Brow Lamination & Lash Lift.
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