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The PMU machines in our range have all been developed in collaboration with PMU specialists. A pen machine fits comfortably in the hand and is ergonomically designed so that you are less likely to suffer from tired hands after a treatment. In addition, with a pen machine you have a lot of freedom of movement during pigmentation. With one of the many pmu machines from Microbeau you have a good pmu device in your hands. We offer the Xion S & Xion Mini, the Bellar and the wireless Flux Mini from Microbeau. You will also find the pmu machines Mast P10 and Mast Siya, Glovcon Inox Lady V2 and the Biotek Ingot. We offer various wireless pmu machines, so you can get started right away. Some machines require a separate RCA cable and a power supply. You can also find these in our shop.

The machines in our range have a universal needle module connection, with the exception of the Biotek Ingot machine. So that you can always choose your favorite brand of universal needle modules to use. You are not tied to one type/brand of PMU needles. As long as the PMU cartridges are universal, they will also fit the universal pmu machine. In our webshop you will find universal needle modules from Kwadron PMU Optima, Vertix Nano and Vertix Pico.

The Biotek machine, the Ingot, is a PMU machine with little vibration and trauma. The Ingot machine only works with the Ingot cartridges. You can also find these in our webshop. All brands pay a lot of attention to developing high quality, high quality permanent make-up machines and PMU needles. View our range of PMU machines below.

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Tour Y22

2.2 slag ~ Draadloos

Starter set Basic II ~...


Starter set Basic II ~...


PMU Fly Pen

2.8 slag ~ RCA

Starter set Mast II ~...


P20 machine

2.5 slag ~ Draadloos

PMU Fly Pen

2.8 slag ~ RCA

Starter set Basic ~ Xion...


Starter set Basic ~ Mast...


Combipack ~ Perma Pen &...

2.7 slag ~ RCA

Combipack ~ Bellar & Airbolt...

2.1 slag ~ Mini DC

Combi pack ~ Xion Mini...

2.5 slag ~ RCA
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