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pink foam 100 ml
pink foam 100 ml

Pink Foam 100 ml

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Cleaning foam from Lauro Paolini. PINK SPOOM is a cleanser specially designed for cleansing the skin before, during and after permanent make-up and micro pigmentation treatments.

The Pink PMU Spoom is a cleansing foam from Lauro Paolini. The cleansing foam can be used before, during or after permanent make-up and micro pigmentation treatment.

PMU SPOOM is a foaming cleanser, specially developed for gentle but effective cleansing of the skin. Its foam form avoids rinsing while limiting the amount of detergents in contact with the skin: this is the reason for its delicacy, so much so that it can be used before, during and after permanent make-up (PMU) treatments, microblading and microneedling.

The cleansing effect is also excellent for normal cleansing of the skin before applying another specific product such as anti-wrinkle, softening or protective cream and even before classic make-up.

User Manual

Its cleansing action easily removes excess color, as well as classic make-up: you just have to sprinkle the foam provided by the special dispenser on a pad or disc, or even on a simple cotton ball, over the area to be cleaned . If necessary, repeat the operation if the material to be removed is present in large quantities or is particularly difficult to remove.

PMU SPOOM consists entirely of components of vegetable origin. Components that can cause hypersensitivity reactions are deliberately NOT included. Even perfume has been avoided to avoid the possible presence of allergens, even in traces below the limit for which labeling is mandatory.

Very simple composition, functional for the desired cleaning effect, designed to MAXIMUM RESPECT FOR SKIN.

Made in Italy

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