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lightning bolt uni accu draadloos
lightning bolt uni accu draadloos
lightning bolt uni accu draadloos
lightning bolt uni accu draadloos

Lightning Bolt UNI Battery Wireless

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The Lightning Bolt is a wireless battery pack, ideal for the Xion S and other PMU machines with RCA connection.

The Lightning Bolt UNI battery pack ensures that you can work completely wirelessly. Enjoy complete freedom without wiring during the precision work of permanent make-up treatments.

The Lightning Bolt UNI is small but powerful. With a lightweight (58 gram) design, user-friendly interface and an ergonomic design, the Lighting Bolt UNI is extremely suitable for use on almost any PMU machine with an RCA connection.

The battery pack is not suitable for the Microbeau machines Bellar or Apollo. However, for the Microbeau machines such as the Xion S, Xion Mini and other machines with an RCA connection.

Charge the battery in just 1.5 hours with a USB-C charger and then enjoy 10 hours of freedom of movement.

The wireless Power supply woperates on 5 to maximum 12 volts and has only 3 buttons with which you can easily operate the device:

- check battery
- turn on bluetooth
- increase or decrease voltage
- turn on & off

You can also connect the battery to the DarkLab app for more features and control. This app is now only available for IOS. The battery can also be used without the app.

Download the Lightning Bolt UNI manual here

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